A simple solution to complex risk.

We develop and underwrite brand new insurance products or evolve existing ones. And because we’re based in Lloyd’s, we have the licenses to underwrite business globally.

We specialise in Alternative Risk binders. While the London market typically underwrites MGAs in ‘standard’ Property & Casualty lines and underwrites billions of pounds of premium in this way, we focus on specialist MGAs that come to market with a differentiated product, an alternative distribution method, or expertise in a niche.

Risk looks different when you’re supported.

We formed Brace to meet the rising demand for tailored insurance products, and to stand shoulder to shoulder with partners who want to transform risk into opportunity. By working closely with London Brokers and proven underwriting experts, our underwriting partnerships usually arrive as Delegated Authority, but can also work as a consortium, line slip, master policy, or a prior submit facility.

Target risks

Our appetite for risk is broad. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Niche Liability (Credit, Tax, Forestry, Equipment & Heavy Risk distribution)
  • Parametric solutions (Reputational Risk, Tax)
  • Renters Liability (Including Rental Guarantee)
  • Affinity Products
  • Package Products – we are not restricted to mono-line underwriting
  • Auto Physical Damage and Motor Truck Cargo
  • Niche property