A simple solution to complex risk.

We develop and underwrite brand new insurance products or evolve existing ones and because we’re based in Lloyd’s, we have the licenses to underwrite business globally.

We specialise in Alternative Risk binders. While the London market typically underwrites MGAs in ‘standard’ Property & Casualty lines and underwrites billions of pounds of premium in this way, we focus on specialist MGAs that come to market with a differentiated product, an alternative distribution method, or expertise in a niche.

Risk looks different when you’re supported.

We formed Brace to meet the rising demand for tailored insurance products, and to stand shoulder to shoulder with partners who want to transform risk into opportunity. By working closely with London Brokers and proven underwriting experts, our underwriting partnerships usually arrive as Delegated Authority, but can also work as a consortium, line slip, master policy, or a prior submit facility.

What we look for

Niche, specialty classes or multi-line programs

As a class-agnostic underwriting team with the ability to underwrite across a large spectrum of classes, we look at a wide-range of specialist sectors.

Underwriting Excellence

Our core strategy is to identify and then back underwriting expertise in a meaningful way, typically as ‘Lead’ or meaningful ‘Follow’ capacity.

Shorter-tail focus

Whilst we are class of business agnostic, we focus on shorter-tail classes of business with an expected tail development profile of up to 6 years.

Data driven underwriting

Data and analytics are a core component of the Brace underwriting philosophy. We typically work with underwriting partners that share the same philosophy – using data driven insights to relentlessly drive improvements in underwriting performance.

Partnerships through the cycle

Our underwriting philosophy is to develop a portfolio based on a small number of meaningful underwriting relationships. We aim to create long term partnerships, through the cycle, whereby our partners are meaningful to us and similarly we are to them.

Example programs

Multi-line placement

  • Canadian based MGA focusing on predominantly short-tail lines across Commercial property, Construction, Motor Truck Cargo, Logging and Residential property.

Speciality placements

  • After the Event Insurance (ATE)
  • Sub-contractor default insurance
  • Leased equipment
  • Hard to place property programmes
  • Motorsport track day coverage
  • Equine liability